In light of my tendency to use esoteric words in arcane fashions, here is a summary of atypical definitions I have noticed myself using, coupled with some definitions that I encounter elsewhere of unusual clarity and precision that I wish to promulgate.

Contrary: The opposite of something within a category, e.g. black and white. c.f. Contradictory.

Contradiction: The simple negation of a concept, e.g. black and not black. cf Contrary.

Create: To cause something to be without a material cause. Also used analogously of causing something to be with a material cause of a dissimilar type. Thus, we speak of a sculptor who makes a statue out of that which is not a statue as a creator, but not a restorer who makes a statue out of that which was a statue.

Extrinsic Value: A value valued per se.

Intrinsic Value: A value valued for its furthering of another value.

Malice: To delight in another’s misfortune (judged by their rightly understood interests, and not what they perceive to be their interests).

Privative: Signifying the lack of what is proper.

Prudence: To understand one’s true interests and to act on that understanding.

Reality: That which does not cease to exist when one ceases to believe in its existence.

Righteous: Just action for just reasons.

Value: An end which one seeks to achieve through action. c.f. extrinsic value, intrinsic value.


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